The People Next Door

This contest is an opportunity for students to creatively address the history of the Holocaust. Entrants are invited to review The People Next Door below (or other related resources), then create an original work of art, video, poetry, or prose in response. Prizes will be awarded in each category.

The People Next Door is a 37-minute documentary sharing the stories of local Holocaust survivors who lived in Europe during the Nazi period of the 1930’s and 1940’s but were able to relocate to the South Bend area.

These survivors may have been your neighbors, friends, or co-workers of your family members.

Individual stories of Survivors & Liberators

These are short (3 min.) stories of individual survivors and liberators featured in the documentary The People Next Door.

Stanley Pollyea

Phyllis Szymkowitz

Paul Goldsmith

Boris Schuster

Birgit Metzger

Abe Price

Note: these external links will take you to the Kurt & Tessye Simon Foundation website.

Additional Resources

  • View The People Next Door and other Holocaust remembrance resources online at

  • The People Next Door DVD and booklet may be available in your school’s library.

  • You may also consult instructor- or student-generated Holocaust and genocide-related sources.