2022 submissions are closed

Please watch this website for upcoming announcements regarding our 2023 competition.

Questions about a 2022 submission? Please email

2022 Submission Checklist

Is your work ready for digital submission?

  • For a work of 2D art, you will submit one photograph.

  • For a work of 3D art, you will submit four photographs.

  • For a poetry or prose submission, you will submit both a Word and PDF file.

  • For a video submission, you will provide a YouTube URL.

Please consult the Category Guidelines for more information on preparing your work and naming your digital files.

Gather Your Information

Use this checklist to prepare for the online entry form. Incomplete entries cannot be saved. You will need:

Title of Work: ___________________________

Media and Dimensions (see submission guidelines for each category):

  • For Sculpture: Height (inches): _______

  • For all 2D art:

    • Height (inches):_________ and Width (inches): _________

    • Medium (example: digital photograph, 35mm slide, oil on canvas, charcoal, mixed media, etc.): _______________

Digital files:

  • For Poetry and Prose: One PDF and one Word file, correctly named

  • For Photography and 2D Art: One .JPG file, correctly named

  • For 3D Art: Four .JPG files, correctly named

  • Optional Artist Statement (Max. 200 words. See FAQs)


  • Name: _______________

  • Grade: _______________

  • School: _______________

  • E-mail: _______________

  • Address: _______________

  • City/State/Zip: _______________


  • Teacher Name: _______________

  • E-mail: _______________

  • Has teacher reviewed work? (Y)


  • School Name: _______________

  • Phone: _______________

Parent / Guardian (if entrant under 18)

  • Parent/Guardian Name: _______________

  • Phone or email: _______________

  • Does parent/guardian consent to contest entry? (Y)